Our Plethora of Services

Website Content Management

Optimize-Zen takes a close look at your website content, and works with you to audit and freshen up your site–identifying content that is ongoing or useful for the future, and archiving everything that’s ROT (redundant, outdated, or trivial). We also inventory all the different communication channels at your disposal, including offline, online, and social media. We then set up a content management calendar to map out the topics that you plan to cover, and the frequency with which you’ll disseminate the content.

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Writing, Proofreading and Editing

Text on websites should speak directly to the people you’re trying to reach.  Optimize-Zen’s writing style is more conversational, in essence, extending a friendly handshake to anyone who comes by and may be interested in what you’re offering.

Reading online content is harder than reading print. We help you outline the ideas and concepts in your documents so readers can skim and retain the main points, and grasp your most important concepts. This is especially important, since many of your readers are accessing the internet via mobile handheld devices.
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Uploading Updated Content to Your Website

Search engines LOVE content and the only thing they love more than content is NEW content with SEO and Google Keywords. They reward sites that are regularly updated with higher search rankings. Users love sites that regularly update their content and thus respond by visiting more often. So, let’s give everyone what they want! Optimize-Zen will help you update your website’s news, profiles, industry trends, newsletter notifications, etc. And, each time you complete a major project, we can help you showcase your work with an online portfolio page, which will help market to current and potential members.
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Online Newsletters and Online Announcements

Optimize-Zen is fully versed in the creation of e-newsletters and announcements, utilizing the newest technologies. Let us work with you to handle the design, layout and editorial content of these important vehicles for reader communication.
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Blog, Forum and Chat Updates

Optimize-Zen is skilled at keeping your blog, forum and chat posts fresh, new and optimized–helping you respond to the important comments of your readers. If your blog and/or website have an abandoned look, it’s not going to work in your association’s favor. Members look to you for the latest and greatest information. And potential members look to be part of an active community of peers, who have valuable tips regarding their industry. Optimize-Zen will also constantly monitor these essential avenues of member to member communication for spam and inappropriate posts, freeing up more time for you and your staff, and protecting your association from potentially compromising comments and information.
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Social Networking Integration and Maintenance

Optimize-Zen is your one-stop social networking resource. We will craft a social networking program to fit your needs by maximizing its use for getting great feedback from your members; creating interest in your association by potential members; building loyalty; fostering a community; answering questions; providing support; improving customer relations; monitoring trends; identifying influential members and associates; reaching out; building links (improving SEO); raising foundation funds; getting publicity; watching the competition; creating value; locating markets and meeting peers. We will also regularly monitor social networks for inappropriate posts.
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Event and Calendar Postings

The lifeblood of your association are your member meetings, conferences and workshops–and your members need the most current information on pertinent upcoming events. Optimize-Zen can take this tedious task off of your desk by working with you to write and upload details, dates, times and locations of important events related to your business or organization’s mission. 
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Spanish and French Translation

In this new international economy, Optimize-Zen has built relationships with experienced translators, helping you to reach out to non-English speaking members and potential members.
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